Photos by our talented friend Ren Fuller


Nico Monday grew up in Alice Waters' kitchen at Chez Panisse  surrounded by inspiring chefs and farmers changing the way the community thought about food. Years later, when Amelia came to work in the kitchen at Chez, the two fell in love and cooked together for 6 years before heading east to return to Amelia's home town of Gloucester.

Finding a waterfront rental, they set up shop in the kitchen of a building that had lived on pilings in Lobster Cove for almost 100 years and spent time as an ice cream shop, a fish market, and a breakfast joint. The first year, Nico & Amelia cooked with the ingredients Nico's younger brother, Oliver, had foraged from surrounding farms who were starting up around the same time, building relationships with the local farmers and bringing incredible seasonal vegetables into the kitchen's ever-changing menu.  Both Nico and Amelia's brothers served alongside other family and close friends for that first summer as an experimental seasonal restaurant. Since then, we've become part of the Annisquam community and made ourselves at home in Lobster Cove surrounded by neighbors who appreciate eating well. 

Lauren worked at Chez Panisse's neighbor restaurant and got to know Nico when he did a brief stint in their kitchen. Becoming friends, she joined him and Amelia when they headed back east to start The Market Restaurant. Ever a source of warmth and welcome, she has been our manager since our opening, save one year spent in New York, and sets the example of the high level of service we hold ourselves to. 

Howie, our sommelier, and Matt, our resident designer, joined the team for our second year and their talents are evident in our extensive and season-shifting wine menu and the vision and aesthetic of the restaurant. Together with Nico & Amelia, they opened Short & Main, our wood-fired pizza sister restaurant, in downtown Gloucester. 

Today, our crew is made up of friends we've pulled from Berkeley, New York, and the North Shore and every summer we perch ourselves on Lobster Cove and really have a run at it. We have continued to work tirelessly to cook with exceptional ingredients and partner with small farmers, fisheries, ranchers, and bakeries who are producing food the way it should be: local, seasonal, and sustainable. 

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